Plan S Compliance

Plan S was a one of the reasons why we launched Episteme Health - to provide platinum open access publishing options to ensure that both Plan S-funded and non-Plan S scientists can publish on the same platform.

The release of the Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S [archived] spells out specific requirements. We detail here how we are (or are planning to) be compliant with each of these requirements.

9.1 Basic mandatory criteria for Plan S compliant Open Access journals and platforms

  • DOAJ Registration: As a new journal, we are not registered with the DOAJ, but will enter the process as soon as possible.
  • Openly acccessible: We are an open access journal. All content is free to read. No registration is required.
  • License: We enable the use of CC BY 4.0 licenses by offering authors a choice of CC BY 4.0 or CC BY-NC 4.0 license. We also offer flexibility - other licenses are available if required by your funder or employer.
  • Full copyright retention: We do not require authors to give up any rights. For authors choosing a CC BY 4.0 license, they will only assign us the right to be the first publisher of their article and nothing more.
  • Review in accordance with COPE guidelines: COPE guidelines and other standards are built into our guidelines for authors and reviewers.
  • APC waivers: We do not charge APCs (or any other compulsory fees) to anyone. We reserve the right to, in future, provide optional premium services that may have fees, but basic publication, from submission to publication will always be free for everyone.
  • Mirror journals: We do not publish mirror/sister journals under alternative business models.

9.2 Mandatory quality criteria for Plan S compliant journals, platforms, and other venues

  • Transparent costing and pricing: We do not charge any submission fees, article processing charges, acceptance fees, withdrawal fees, page charges, figure charges, colour charges, or compulsory fees of any kind. Our costs are web hosting, metadata registration, digital preservation, and incorporation expenses. We're a non-profit organisation, so our financial information will be available on our website.
  • DOIs: At launch, we will register with Crossref and use DOIs.
  • Digital Preservation: At launch, we will utilise a digital preservation service.
  • Machine-readable format: We publish XML typeset articles in addition to the PDF.
  • Linking to underlying data/code: We require authors to include a data availability statement. Underlying data or code will be linked as a reference in the paper and as a galley on the website (i.e. as a button next to 'PDF' and 'XML').
  • Machine readable license information: Copyright and license information is embedded in XML.

9.3 Recommended additional criteria for journals and platforms

  • Support for PIDs: Please register with your ORCID and provide your ORCID during article submission
  • Direct deposit into open access repositories: We are not currently registered with any OA repository. But we do plan full PMC participation as soon as we pass review.
  • Openly accessible citations: Participation in the Initiative for Open Citations (I4OC) is via Crossref deposit of reference metadata. Participation is free and deposit is via plaintext or XML.