How we are building Neuroanatomy and Behaviour for rigorous and open science


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Khoo, S. Y.-S. (2021). How we are building Neuroanatomy and Behaviour for rigorous and open science. Neuroanatomy and Behaviour, 3, e27.

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Neuroanatomy and Behaviour was founded to be a journal for rigorous and open science. In 2021, all of the empirical papers published engaged in at least one open science practice, such as open data or open protocols. The papers published have been carefully reviewed by two experts, but may also be sent to additional specialist reviewers for specific tasks, such as checking references or statistical approaches. In 2021, Neuroanatomy and Behaviour reached a key milestone and was accepted into the Directory of Open Access Journals, the world’s leading database of trustworthy open access journals. As we look towards 2022, we will continue improving our publication processes and working to share quality neuroscience without financial barriers for authors or readers.


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