About the Journal

Aims and Scope

Neuroanatomy and Behaviour is a platinum open access peer reviewed journal for behavioural neuroscience research. We publish new research and review articles that are methodologically sound and make a useful contribution to the understanding of how neural anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and biochemistry influence behaviour. We hope that the scientific advances published in the journal will advance our understanding of normal and dysfunctional neural and psychological processes with the potential to contribute to advances in healthcare for mental disorders and neurological diseases.

Neuroanatomy and Behaviour supports evidence-based medicine. We do not publish studies using complementary and alternative medicines, such as homeopathy, acupuncture, or naturopathy.

Neuroanatomy and Behaviour recognises the importance of both animal models and human trials in advancing our understanding of neuroscience and mental health. We welcome studies using animal subjects and human participants subject to their compliance with accepted ethical procedures and principles.

Platinum Open Access

Fees and Charges

There are no compulsory fees for authors or readers in this journal.

Authors do not have to pay submission fees, acceptance or article processing charges, withdrawal fees, page charges, or fees for figures or tables.

Readers do not have to register or subscribe in order to access content.

As a platinum open access journal, we have no intention of introducing publication or subscription fees for authors or readers.

Copyright and Licensing

Authors are asked to grant the publisher a license to be first publisher of the work and to apply an appropriate public license that enables the free use of their work for scholarly, medical research, and other non-profit or charitable purposes. Authors retain copyright and no restrictions are placed on the authors' own use of their work.